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Work And Travel Australia

Travelbuddy for Australia, work and travel

Tobi (m, 19)

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About Tobi

Tobi is male, 19 years old
from Germany, Berlin 1
Tobi is as a single person
Tobi is non-smoker

Criteria for travelbuddies

male or female travelbuddy
Tobi is looking for as a single person
between 18 and 24 years

18 - 24

Travel details

starting point:
accommodation: not decided yet
period: 01.07.2020 - 01.10.2020
duration: 1 year

About this contact ad

contact ad ID UP-104194
created: 16.01.2020 (published 35 months ago)
expires on 17.10.2022 (in 2 weeks ago)
views: 1523

Tobi writes

Heyo, Im currently looking for a travel buddy, gender doesnt matter. The whole work and travel story should go for 6, 7, maybe 8 months, although Im not completely committed to it. I dont have a drivers license, which would make it all the more practical if you had one, but its also not a problem if not. If you already have a tour group thats super, the more people the better ^^. Read the details for more information. Instagram: steady.mind
To me: Sooo to me, I graduated in 2019 and so far only worked here and there. I was completely overwhelmed to commit myself for the rest of my life just because boomers think I am an adult now. School time was rather critical for me on a social level. Was never the type to drink and party, which made me withdraw very much. That is exactly why I want to make this trip. Get out of my parents house and finally become independent and get used to social life. So to say throw myself in the cold water. Another big reason for my project is the preference for the English language, I always wanted to experience an English-speaking country and its everyday life. Im not the type for small talk, but rather a meaningful conversation or none at all, silence is anything but uncomfortable for me. So it may be that I will need 1 - 2 days to defrost. But when I get used to a person, Im relatively open and uncomplicated. I do not make high demands and take other peoples privacy and personal boundaries into account. My meme game is definitely top notch and I will give you a link to my music playlist because I think that says a lot about personality. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa6b86TGBtmXY5WTZDPY_Sa0h7EkVx5qn

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