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Bali in spring

Travelbuddy for Indonesia, backpacking

Teo (m, 32)

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About Teo

Teo is male, 32 years old
from Austria, Wiener Neustadt 1
Teo is as a single person
Teo is non-smoker

Criteria for travelbuddies

male or female travelbuddy
Teo is looking for as a single person
between 18 and 90 years

18 - 90

Travel details

starting point:
type: backpacking 1
accommodation: not decided yet
period: 30.04.2020 - 24.05.2020
duration: 3 weeks

About this contact ad

contact ad ID UP-104198
created: 16.01.2020 (published 26 months ago)
expires on 11.02.2022 (in 3 weeks ago)
views: 1189

Teo writes

Hi there
Free on a scooter, be wherever you want, get up whenever you want, great food, great beaches, the culture,
the weather. JAAA, you can have it all in Bali. Ive been there before and would love to go back.
I guess 3-3.5 weeks should go out. Bathing, chilling, relaxing, riding a scooter are part of it, and eating well. You should be able to identify yourself with everything =).
I would be happy if I could find a companion for such a trip. I would only reserve the first night and then together at breakfast or wherever the next accommodations (10-20 ÔéČ (book. Because Bali is very cheap and the places are not that far away from each other, I would like to be on the island get around a lot. Party doesnt have to, but it can be =)
I am more concerned with the cozy =) but of course also a bit of hiking, walking, walking on the mountains, waterfalls, etc.
if you are interested, please get in touch.
lg teo

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