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Holiday with kids
Place this ad also in the category "Holiday with kid(s)".
My ad should also be displayed on your facebook page.
Increases the visibility and readership of your ad noticeably.
Ladies go for free!
You want to invite a woman who might lack the necessary change for a nice holiday?

Important information

Please note that the following ads will not be published:
  • Ads containing a trade or financial interest
  • Ads that violate applicable law, e.g. sexual acts, depiction of violence, etc.
  • Ads that do not serve the purpose of finding a travel companion
  • Ads that only serve the purpose of advertising other Internet offers
To create an ad, you need to go through 4 steps. You will then receive an email to activate the ad. Once the activation is complete, we will send you another email with links to edit, upgrade and delete the ad, so you have full control over your data.

Tips for a successful ad

Don't limit your search criteria too much, e.g. one year more or less of your travel companion's age does not matter. If you choose more holiday countries as possible destinations, the ad will be displayed more often in different search results.
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